Getting Started with React Native

React Native is a framework that allows us to create Native Android and iOS applications using JavaScripts by Facebook. It is a extention of React JavaScript framework available for Web application development. With React-Native we can create native android or iOS applications without knowing much about native application development. It opens up the native application development to web developers who knows JavaScript and CSS.

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Understanding Guava Lists.transform()

Guava is a wonderful library by Google. Before Java 8 Guava was one of the best ways to use functional programming in Java.

I’ve being using Guava in one of my projects and came accross an strance issue reasontly. I had a list of items and I wanted to convert them to different object and filter some of those items.

After filtering I was changing some values in the list items. But what was strange was thay when I printed the list back it was not showing the changed value. It was still showing the original value. Code would look something similar to below.

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Easy way to Mock REST services


Caution with Java Autoboxing


Experimenting new blog

I'm experimenting a new blog powered by Hugo static site generation at . Have a look and give your feedback....

Simple Introduction to Scalaz

Scalaz is a great library to make your Scala code more compact and to reduce some boilerplates. But getting started with it requires considerable effort. With its large collection of different operator and very functional nature most people are afraid to use it. Specially for people like me who are with more imperative programming background, it is not easy to get familiar with scalaz.

Recently InfoQ published a presentation named "Scalaz for Rest of us" by Adam Rosien, which introduces some basic building blocks of scalaz. Explanations are really simple and will help you to shed your fears on scalaz.


Trying out Eclipse Kepler

Yesterday I downloaded the new version of Eclipse IDE; Eclipse Kepler.

So far the experience is great. It is much faster than Juno. Main problem I had with Juno is that it is damn slow even with the updates provided later by eclipse to fix the slowness issue. But Kepler seems to have fixed all those issues properly.

Most notable improvement for me so far is the improved Eclipse Marketplace. Now we can select multiple plugins once and do the installation together.  Previously we had to install plugins one-by-one. And also conflict resolution related to plugin installation had been improved. Previously when there is a conflict, eclipse only tell that installation cannot be completed, but now it says exactly which plugin causes the problem and gives option to continue installation without it.

One problem I had was that there is no official support for Scala-IDE for Kepler. But managed to find a scala-ide build from scala-ide google group. It was working fine, so until official version is available I'll be able servile with it.

Tribune to Heros

Tribune to Heros
We will never forget the sacrifices you made to protect our country....


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