MS Weekend for Beginners

Microsoft student champs at our faculty had organized an introductory session on Microsoft .Net framework last Saturday(25th Nov). I conducted 2 sessions there, "Introduction to .Net Framework" and "Introduction to Windows Application Development with C#".
It was organized for the Level1 Semester1 students. Nearly 50 students participated for that event. Wajira (MS Student Ambassador) also conducted a session on "Introduction to ASP Web Development ". This was the first public technical session conducted by me. It was a wonderful experience to share what I know with other.
Some wonderful prices also given away to the students at that event. Those included CD pack containing Visual Studio 2005 Standard Edition and SQL Server 2005, 5 button optical mouse and few technical magazines...
You can download the presentation I did on "Introduction to .Net Framework" here.


Portable applications

Have you ever wanted to carry you Firefox browser with you with all your carefully organized bookmarks? Now you can do that with PortableApps...
You can carry your FF with all bookmarks , your calendar with all appointment and the list goes on and on. This is a free software suite that you can run from you flash drive. Currenly it support more than 10 applications, including Firefox, Sunbird, Oprenoffice, Thunderbird......
You can try this PortableApps site.


My Piccasa Photo Album..

I Created a photo album in Piccasa. It's really cool. Once created, I can even attach it to my blog. You can see it in the right hand side of my blog. So it is easy to share my memorable moments with all of you. I've not uploaded many photos to Piccasa yet... I'll soon upload more photos.............

Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts

Are you a Firefox lover? Like to use FF without using the mouse. Most of the power users hate mouse, they want to use keyboard for every thing. I've to admit that I'm not a power user. But knowing few shortcuts can save lot of your time. These are few shortcut that you can use in FF.

To use the keyboard shortcuts hold down CTRL and press one of the following:

TOpens a new tab and takes the focus to the new tab
OOpen Local File. This is one of the biggest changes from IE where both Ctrl-O and Ctrl-L opened a dialogue box for a URL.
LChanges focus to the Address bar
TabScrolls through the tabs from current window towards the right. Loops back to the first tab when rightmost tab is reached
1..0The numbers 1 to 0 takes the focus to Tab 1 to 10
NOpens a new window like IE
Wa tab or if there are no tabs, close the window
BOpen bookmark sidepanel
DBookmark current page
HBrings up the history dialogue box on the right. Useful if you closed a page accidentally and forgot the URL. Or to make sure your kids are not looking at pr0n
UShow page source
YOpen downloads window
KFocus goes to search bar

RRefresh current page
FFind in page
GFind Again (used in conjunction with Ctrl F)
JPage Info (same as properties in IE)
-Decrease font size
+Increase font size
SSave current page to disk
PPrint current page
ASelect All

Ms. Dewey..........

This is cool site... It gives you a verbal answers on your searches. It is powers by Microsoft Live search. Ms. Dewey's actions are very cool... Would like to meet Ms. Dewey?

Gmail as a Storage devise....

Hey would you like to use the more 2GB storage in your gmail account as hard drive from your PC....

Then Gmail Drive is what you are looking for. This is a cool solution I found while I'm surfing the net.
It creates a Shell Namespace Extension that creates a virtual filesystem around your Gmail account, allowing you to use Gmail as a storage medium.
Sounds interesting.... Then check this out.. GMail Drive shell extension
You can also directly download the software from softpedia

Enjoy your new 2.7GB virtual HD.....

Tribune to Heros

Tribune to Heros
We will never forget the sacrifices you made to protect our country....


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