Sri Lanka among Top 10 for Google Summer of Code 2008

Sri Lankan academic community is making its name more and more visible in the global arena. I saw this in the Google Open Source Blog which list out the top 10 countries at Google Summer of Codes 2008. It is very happy to see that Sri Lanka is among the top in both applicants and accepted project vise. 



See the full blog post at Google Open Source Blog...


Imagine Cup is back to UOM

Yesterday we had the final round of the Software Design category of the Imagine Cup Sri Lanka competition. There were six teams selected for the finals. Out of that six, three teams were from University of Moratuwa, two from UCSC and other one from SLIIT.

This years theme was "Imagine a world where technology enables sustainable environment", so all of the projects were about how we can save our planet Earth.

For the fourth convective time undergraduates from University of Moratuwa managed to win the trophy. This time it was a joint effort by both Faculty of Information Technology and Engineering. Team "Sasrutha" presenting the project "Haritha Prayathna" won the 1st place.  They will fly to France on July to participate for the global finals.

Like last time this year also 2nd place was won by team "Gagana" from SLIIT and 3rd place was won by team "Will Power" from University of Moratuwa, Faculty of Engineering.

Congratulations to the winners.


Wish You All a Very Happy Sinhala and Tamil New Year


සුභ අලුත් අවුරැද්දක් ‍‍‍ෙව්වා

Happy New Year - Suba Aluth Avruddak Vewa


Imagine Cup 2008 Sri Lanka Finals

Get invited for Imagine Cup 2008 Sri Lanka finals It is your chance to get an invitation to participate for the Sri Lanka's premier IT event. Hurry up.


MySQL taking long time to connect

Today I experienced strange issue with MySQL server which I'm using to developing and testing applications. Today it took unbelievably long time to connect. When I try to connect to the server using, do not connect and after long time it gave an irrelevant error.

mysql error message

I searched the net to find what could be the issue, and found this which is somewhat similar to my issue. But I couldn't fix the issue :(. Finally I uninstall MySQL and reinstall it. Haa... it works properly :D.

Ok, reinstalling may not be the best way to it, their may be some work around for this issue. If you know something about this issue please be kind enough to share it with me. :))


After Long Time...

It's being a while since my last post. It was mainly due to I'm being busy with my studies for the end semester exams. Today was the final day :D. Now I'm free again till the final semester starts at the end of April and hope to do more blogging :)).


Tribune to Heros

Tribune to Heros
We will never forget the sacrifices you made to protect our country....


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