Being Punctual....

Well, what do you think about this....being punctual?

I’m not sure about you, but I hate people coming late and not doing things on time. Especially in here most of the people don’t take this seriously, they never come on time. As an undergraduate I have seen lot of my batch mates coming to lectures, group meetings late. They are the most selfish people; they don’t think that they are wasting time of others. As professionals I think we should learn about how to do time management and being punctual.

I found these two articles at lifehack about the importance of being punctual and most importantly how to do that. Hope this will encourage you to be punctual...


සාමයේ පහන් දැල්වෙන, සුභ වෙසක් මංගල්‍යයක් වේවා - Have a Peaceful Vesak



University of Moratuwa is the 1st in Top 10 Universities for Google Summer of Code 2008

Few weeks back I posted about that Sri Lanka being among the top ten counties in Google Summer of Codes 2008. But there is more good news. This time among top 10 universities. I'm very proud to see that University of Moratuwa(UOM) is the 1st among top 10 universities. This is a BIG BIG achievement for us.

Congratulations to all my friend at UOM.  




Read more about this....

Tribune to Heros

Tribune to Heros
We will never forget the sacrifices you made to protect our country....


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