8 Stages of Programming a New Feature

This is a really nice comic I came across few days back. It is really nice and explains every thing what we generally going through as software engineers.....


Happy New Year 2010

Wish You All a Very Happy and Prosperous 
New Year!
May All Your Dreams Come True in This Wonderful Year...

Traditional SDP Vs mChoice Soltura

SDPs are commonly developed as core systems which interconnect different Telco network services and provide one unified access point for customers (application developers). This will reduce the application development cost rapidly and easy management of applications for the Telco. Even though SDP reduces the application development cost, still the most difficult part remains; which is the development of the business logic of the application. With SDP model if any content provider wants to run a mobile application, then they have to consider about two things;
  1. Developing/running and maintaining the application
  2. Managing the content provided by the application
These two are completely different things. For a genuine content provider 'Developing/running and maintaining' an application is a completely new thing and it will deviate his concentration from providing valuable content. In addition to that, content provider also has to bear the cost of infrastructure required to run the application. Initial cost of developing the application and buying infrastructure can be really high. This startup cost is one of the main reasons blocking many of the new comers entering to the market. 

This is where the mChoice Soltura TM come in to the scene. mChoice Soltura is not just a SDP, rather it provides infrastructure for content providers to create their own application with virtually zero cost. They don't have to worry about creating applications, maintaining them and infrastructure requirements to run those applications. They can put 100% of their attention to the creation of the content. mChoice Soltura will provide different types of applications, so the content provider can choose the application matching to their requirement and use it. mChoice Soltura provides a simple and powerful Web Based Interface for content provider to create/manage application and manage content. 

mChoice Soltura releases the burden of application creation, maintenance and infrastructure management and brings the freedom to the content providers.  

Tribune to Heros

Tribune to Heros
We will never forget the sacrifices you made to protect our country....


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