End of the Internship period

For last 6 months I was working as an intern at Navantis IT (Pvt.) Rajagiriya, Sri Lanka. My internship ended last Thursday (22nd Feb). It was very exciting and challenging time period. It is at Navantis that I learned what is actually being a software developer means. At the university we learn lot of theory; in last 6 month I learned how those theories are actually used in the industry. I learned a lot about .Net, ASP web application development and MSSQL 2005 during my internship.
When I first came here I had considerable knowledge about .Net and ASP, but I was mainly using the nice GUI of VS2005 to do all the designs. But the project I was put in to at Navantis required to all the web controls as Custom server controls. We have to cut code for every thing, No drag and drops... At the beginning it was difficult but after creating few custom controls it became much easier. Because of that I learned a lot about C# and .Net controls.
We had a excellent team at Navantis. Everybody was very friendly and helpful. I have to thank everyone at Navantis for all support given. Our next semester (Level3 Semester2) is gong to be staring in mid April, that’s two more months. Till then I'm doing part time at Navantis, 3 days per week. I'm planning to spend other time on Patrick’s Project. And I have to prepare a report about our internship as well.
So I guess there won't be any spare time to relax.

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Congradulations on your successful completion of Internship. Hope we can share all the experiances on .NET n ASP what you got, when academics get started.

Tribune to Heros

Tribune to Heros
We will never forget the sacrifices you made to protect our country....


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