FIT wins Imagine Cup again.....

It was an unbelievable atmosphere yesterday at Galadari Colombo as FIT guys and gals won the Imagine Cup Sri Lanka Competition for the 3rd Consecrative time. Yeh!.. that's right it was for the 3rd Consecrative time that FIT won this most prestiges software competition in Sri Lanka.
This time it was team "SARA" presenting the Application "ISECED", who did the magic for our faculty. And again it was the same wining combination as last 2 yeas, one girl and 3 guys;"Ruwindi", "Sanju","Amila", and "Anurudha".

They will fly to S.Korea to participate for the Imagine Cup 2007 global competition soon.
Good luck team and congratulations.

There is more good news, in addition to the championship FIT won the 2nd runners up as well. That was team Team "Sanhitha" presenting the application "Irrdhipada" who did that.

Congratulations to them as well.
And also there was one more team team from Faculty of Information Technology who participated for this year finals, team "Rawana" presenting the application "Virtual Desk". Even though they couldn't make it to the top 3 teams they also gave a good fight and there application was wonderful.

Congregational to Rawana as well.

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Tribune to Heros

Tribune to Heros
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