Defragment your Hard disk with Defraggler

Defraggler is a cool utility that lets you to defragment your hard drive. If you have used windows defragmenter, I think you know that it requires at least 15% of free disk space to perform defragmenting of the drive. Some times this can be very annoying. Specially for me this is very annoying since my C drive is only 10GB and it fills up very quickly and  can't even defragment since it do not have 15% free space.

Defraggler is the solution for this. This little tool allows you to defragment your hard drive with out any restriction of free disk space. Unlike default windows defragmenter this nice tool facilitates you to defragment individual files as well. Another cool thing about Defraggler is that it is portable, means that you can run it on an USB.



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I wouldn't suggest any third party tool, check details on this blog..Data Recovery Blog

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