MySQL taking long time to connect

Today I experienced strange issue with MySQL server which I'm using to developing and testing applications. Today it took unbelievably long time to connect. When I try to connect to the server using, do not connect and after long time it gave an irrelevant error.

mysql error message

I searched the net to find what could be the issue, and found this which is somewhat similar to my issue. But I couldn't fix the issue :(. Finally I uninstall MySQL and reinstall it. Haa... it works properly :D.

Ok, reinstalling may not be the best way to it, their may be some work around for this issue. If you know something about this issue please be kind enough to share it with me. :))


Reader Comments

did u check the hosts file?

or did a virus infect ur machine changing the hosts file

or did u install a new anti virus and mistakenly block mysql?

or was there a port conflict with another application?

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Tribune to Heros
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