CrossOver Rocks.....

I managed to grab a copy of CodeWeaver's CossOver software using their 28th October promotion campaign. For those who don't know about CodeWeaver, they are the people behind the FOSS project wine which enables users to run windows applicaiton on their Linux boxes. CrossOver is commercial counterpart of the wine. The gave away $70 worth CrossOver Professional version for free on 28 Oct as a pomotion.

I Installed Microsoft Office 2007 on my Fedora 9 box using CrossOver and it works fine. I managed to install Word, Excel and Powepoint, but had problems with installing Visio.

Unfortunately CodeWeaver's aren't going to do this kind of promotions in near future. So you'll have to use Wine if you didn't managed to grab a copy on 28th Oct.


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Tribune to Heros

Tribune to Heros
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