InfoQ allow you to download Mp3s

Finally, a feature I was waiting for long time has been included to InfoQ. Now they give the mp3 files of the presentations posted in the site. Previously we had to use some tools to capture the streaming flash video and convert them in to mp3.


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I was trying to download the slides from, but there was no tools to do that ( I googled for that and got your blog). After looking at source of the HTML file , i have found a way to download the slides one by one in SWF files. If some one really want to download those slides. this is the way. For example If some one want to download the slides of ""

1) open the source of the page
2) there will be a java script element like this
script type="text/javascript"
var slides=new Array('/resource/presentations/qcon-voca-architecture-spring/en/slides/1.swf',......

after that open the browser to
"" + "/resource/presentations/qcon-voca-architecture-spring/en/slides/1.swf"

the first slide will be there..
by changing the last file name to 2.swf, 3.swf.... we can get all the slides..
Its working for all presentations but its time consuming activity :(

you can program this process by using any language.. :)


If you are in Linux, the wget will make it even simpler.

for n in {1..137}; do wget -r$n.swf; done

If you are sitting behind a proxy, pass these arguments to wget, by updating your proxy credentials "--proxy-user=USERNAME --proxy-password PASSWORD"

Thanks and Regards,


After downloading the .swf files, I tried to merge all the swf files to a single file.

Moved into the directory where I have the list of swf files, converted to file names to have 3 digits format/convention.. for example from 1.swf to 001.swf

for n in {1..9}; do mv $n.swf 00$n.swf; done
for n in {10..99}; do mv $n.swf 0$n.swf; done

And now, the 'swfcombile' tool will create a single swf file named 'katz-rails2.swf'

swfcombine -o katz-rails2.swf -tmv *.swf

There are converters available to convert from swf to other media, like swf to avi..Which could help to pause/play.

Download the respective audio(mp3) file, and play with the converted avi file.. Its your call to pause/play..

I tried this from my Ubuntu box to download slides

Thanks and Regards,

Thanks for sharing your knowledge Ramesh.

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