Reducing the Time Between SCTP Message Received and SCTP_SACK Sent

Last few weeks I was involved with a development related to SCTP protocol in Java. I have also done two posts on how to get started with SCTP. During that project I came across a strange issue. That is I receive two responses for all the packets I send to the peer. After doing some investigation we found that it is due to that from my application SCTP SACK message is sent after 200ms. Because of that delay peer thinks that I have not received the message and sent it again.
That 200ms is a configuration based on the SCTP RFC. According to that an acknowledgment(SACK) should be generated for at least every second packet received, and SHOULD be generated within 200 ms of the arrival of any unacknowledged DATA chunk.So to fix this issue I had to find a way to reduce the delay between message receiving and SACK sending.
We can reduce that time delay by editing the value of /proc/sys/net/sctp/sack_timeout property file. Just use following to set timeout to 50ms. 
echo 50 > /proc/sys/net/sctp/sack_timeout
After doing that that two response issue was fixed.  Thanks Chris at for helping me on fixing this issue.


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