RMS and Philosophy of Free Software


Last Friday I got once in a life time opportunity to participate in a conference where Richard Stallman (RMS) did the key note speech.  If you do not know who is RMS, he is the father of "Free Software Foundation" and he is the one who started GNU project. He is a really interesting guy.

From that key note speech I got to know about four freedoms related to free software.

0. The freedom to run the program as you wish.

1. The freedom to study the program's source code and then change it so the program does what you wish.

2. The freedom to distribute exact copies to others, when you wish.

3. The freedom to distribute copies of your modified versions to others, when you wish.

Other than that I learnt that it is note fair name popular open source OS "Linux" as "Linux". It has to be corrected GNU/Linux since Linux is only the kernel where GNU project developed all other components required for the OS.  


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Tribune to Heros
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