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There were lot of good feed back for my OpenCV articles (Article1, Article 2). There were lot of inquires regarding Haar Training and how to do it. Since I was bit busy with my work at hSenind I couldn't put any replies for that. Finally I managed to find some time to put together few URL and important tools where you can use to create your own classifier XML.

If you are interested in OpenCV vision library you should join to OpenCV yahoo group. It is very active and has lot of resources as well.  Following are some good links I used when I was learning on how to do Haar Training with OpenCV.

Most important thing to consider when doing Haar training is to have good positive and negative image set. We have created a small utility modifying sample program provide with OpenCV to create positive samples. You can download the source here. Using that you can create positive samples to detect some object using a video. You can move frame by frame in the video using 'Space Bar', mark the areas that contain the object you want to detect using mouse and save it just by pressing 'S'. Utility will create the text file required fro training.

Utility can also be used to create sample images to be used for HMM training as well. If you are interested in HMM following has a good article on how to use HMM with OpenCV.


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thank you very much! many nice information there. I am curious(as my understanding there are not so deep :(), if there can be possibility to track faces(so, find face/object, learn it, track it, until gone) somehow, in real-time(from some camera), using OpenCV(as most as possible, the only OpenCV - no som another libs).

I am crushing my teeth on it...


tahnk you, Jane_Doe;
c0nv3rg3 (a) gmail (d) com

Hi, I'm doing a mini game with OpenCV lib.

I wanted to know if you can share the haar cascade XML file for hand recognition (I didn't find one available on the internet)?

Thank you,

if you agree to share the file (or not, or if you know somewhere I can ind a hand recognition haar cascade file)

I don't know if you can see my mail :
riviere (d) tom (at) gmail (d) com


Hi, i am doing a project in real time human tracking. For that can i use haar-like features? or any other popular method available?

hi all

i have a problem when deal with haartraining that opencv eror: unspecified error in cvcreatetreecascadeclassifier, file ..\..\.\ocv\opencv\apps\haartraining\cvhaartraining.cpp line 2420

I also need haar cascade XML file for hand recognition.If u have it please mail at umairrazzaqgmailcom

Thanks in advance

Very good information, I even made a pen detector with the help of haar training, below is the youtube link for it
link and I am building some training resources for openCV noobs, here's the link for it
Click here

i need a hand haar xml can email me?

Very informative. Following yours and a few other blogs, I created a classifier that could detect pens. I wrote a detailed post about creating the haar cascade classifier here so that it will be easy to create one. Check it out here

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