Refactoring Messy Code

Few days back I started to refactor some code of a project which I started few years back. Well actually I started working on that project during my second year first semester at the university. It is kind of a pet project which I started with one of my friends. When we started the project, our knowledge about best practices to be used when coding was near zero (I guess it is actually zero).

When I look back the source code of the project, it is like a hell. All possible bad practices are there in our code, very long methods (there is a one method doing some complex calculation which has more than 1350 lines :D ), code duplication, one class doing many things and the list goes on...

Well I can't blame my self for coding this kind of mess, since at that time I was just beginning my journey as a developer and didn't knew any thing about best practices. But I can't keep the code this way since it's readability is 0%; can you imagine reading a method with 1350 lines and understanding. Code has become more messy sine we have included lot of new features and requirement changes here and there. Any how we managed to deal with the code up to now, but now it is overwhelming.

Refractoring is not an easy task, we have to make sure that existing functionalities do not break as well as have to keep up with the new requirements as well.  As Martin Fowler describes in his famous book Refactoring: Improving the Design of Existing Code, there should not be any "Grand redesigns", recatoring should be an incremental process. This is going be be a good experience for me. Let's see how it goes.....


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Hi Sandarenu,

I'm also doing some recoding these days. Actually, programming is my hobby. :)

What you have told is correct. Rigorous recoding will make your codes fantastic!!!


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Tribune to Heros
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