How To Make Your Brain Active

Have you ever walked into a room and wondered why you are there? Have you ever faced someone you've known for years and couldn't remember his/her name? I don't know about you, but these things do happen to me sometimes.

Today while I was surfing the Internet I came across a very good article about how to keep our brain alive and active.
The article I read points out few things that we have to do in order to healthy brain;

  • Run Up Your Brain Cells
  • Exercise Your Mind
  • Ask Why
  • Laugh
  • Be A Fish Head
  • Remember
  • Cut The Fat
  • Do A Puzzle
  • The Mozart Effect
  • Improve Your Skill At Things You Already Do
  • Be A Thinker, Not A Drinker
  • Play
  • Sleep On It
  • Concentration
  • Make Love For Your Brain
  • Play With Passion!
  • Cycles Of Consciousness
  • Learn Something New
  • Write To Be Read
  • Try Aroma Therapy To Activate Your Brain
  • Drugs To Increase Brainpower
  • Build A Brain Trust.
You have probably heard that we use only a fraction of our brain's capacity. By practicing at least few of those methods we may be able to increase the percentage we are using.
Read the complete article 22 Ways To Overclock Your Brain...

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