Embedding Slideshow for Picasa Web Albums to my blog

I alway wanted to put a slide show of my Picasa web album photos in my blog. Now I found a way to archive it. It is a Java script created by phydeaux3. I fond the news while I'm reading the blog Googel Operating Systems. Java script is quite customizable and It's very cool. You can add it to blogger as a HTML widget. (You have to use Blogger beta for this.). Try it and enjoy.....

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Just to let you know, Picasa Web Albums changed things on their end, causing the widget not to work properly anymore. The images will display fine, but if you click them they no longer go to the correct url (goes to an ugly feed rather than the correct photo/album page).

I've updated the widget maker to fix this, and I don't think Picasa will change things again as they have now documented their API, but to make the widget work as it did before you will have to delete it, then remake, reinstall it. More info at my post about it...sorry.

Tribune to Heros

Tribune to Heros
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