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Did you check out the new feature in Gmail that enable us to fetch mails from up to 5 different pop3 servers. You will find the mail fetcher in Settings / Accounts. With 3 easy steps you can view mails from your other mail accounts using Gmail itself. I just added my other mail accounts to gmail. This is really cool... Now I can use Gmail as universal mail account where I can access all my mail accounts form one place. It's really fast as well. But I read that this feature is not yet available for all the gmail accounts. Don't be late, check out your Gmail settings now...


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hey I have been using this for some time :)
you can also use multiple identities as well to send emails in google.

BUT please note that gmail is still in BETA

I read frm somewhere tht a google server had gone kaput and tht a bunch off ppl had lost all their emails in their accounts.

so just a warning..

Tribune to Heros

Tribune to Heros
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