Ooh No Exam Results are out...

Our Level 3 Semster1 Exam result have been released yesterday. I got mixed results this time. They rage from A+ to C. Ok, I have to admit that L3S1 exam was the worst exam I had in my undergraduate life.
Main reason for the poor performance in the exam is ..... I didn't study well in this semester. Yes I have to admit it. But it also had fair reasons. I had devoted lot time to prepare for the Imagine Cup Local competition and then for the world finals. The time I devoted was well worthed since we won the IC Sri Lanka local competition beating more than 40 teams.
Exam started on 15th Aug and we had to participate for the IC world final in India from 5th to 12th Aug. So didn't had any time to study.... Given the circumstances I think I have done well. (But now I fell that I could have done the exam little bit better...) .
I have learn lot of things in that semester. I'm hoping to do next exam (L3S2) much much better....

Reader Comments

Do not take mind....
U 4 ppl did great work not only for u! Its for our faculty.
I know that as a real buddhist u are capable in the quality of " ATALO DHAHAMEHI KAMPA NOVEEMA".
So wish ur best in future....

Tribune to Heros

Tribune to Heros
We will never forget the sacrifices you made to protect our country....


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