Keystroke program launcher for windows...

This is the new member of my Must have program list. I just found it today when I was reading in the lifehack website. When I read about the inbuilt search facility in the windows startmenu in vista I loved it. But since I didn't got vista installed I never got the chance to fell it. Launchy is something smiler to it. Just pres Alt+Spase and type few words and Enter.... That's it. You don't have to search through the start menu to find a program. You can even use this to go to files and folders...
Other wonderful thing with Launcy is it is Open source and comes up with multiple skins. If you wish you can create your own skin as well.
Sounds interesting.... Try it and see for your self.
You can also directly download Launchy form Sourceforge.


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Tribune to Heros

Tribune to Heros
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